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A Tragedy, and Disgusting!

Joe: You’re euthanizing your poor, Canada!


“As of today there is 27 days left until my MAID application is finalized.

For anyone that isn't familiar, that is medical assistantance for dying here in the province of Ontario. I’m a 33 year old quadriplegic single mom raising two kids with disabilities.

I personally think that every Ontarian that is paying taxes and paying into social programs, thinking that one day should they ever need these supports they would be available to them.

I'm here to let you know that's not actually the case.

So it's six to eight months wait list to get Ontario Disability support, but it's only 91 days to access the MAID program, simply for having a disability and the poor quality of life my quality of life support. Please keep in mind that the Ontario Disability support program is also forced poverty.

During the pandemic, the government decided that Canadians need at minimum $2,000 to live. The Ontario Disability support program has still not increased the amount that they give to disabled Ontarians, keeping that in mind yes I've been disabled for 17 years, but for 17 years I have worked and supported myself and my family, financially independently.

So, this is the first time in my life that I've actually needed to access the service.

The social program in this country, especially in this province where we are putting dollar signs on the heads of our most vulnerable, and if that's not a clarification that we have gone to stray as a human population.”

Joe: This story is a tragedy and it's disgusting!

If I hear any Canadian politician even mention the word human rights, I may just barf!

This is nothing short of a tragedy and every single Canadian should be upset about it.

Know why?

Because you're next! Don't you get it?

The door is open it's just going to get wider. If you don't care about this, I got news for you. You're finished!

Once again, Canada needs an exorcism!

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