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Chris Sky: BAD NEWS FOR CANADIANS? Time to Get it Done now!

Sky's Comments: "Today is Meixco's presidential election. Direct ties to many "Elite" organizations and a privileged background and upbringing. I do NOT think she is a good choice for the country. However, due to her being limited to 1, 6 years, maximum term, and the culture and value of Mexico, i believe her negative impact will be severely limited in the country. I DO believe she will have an impact on people trying to get residencies in Mexico, especially EXPEDITED residencies. Which had been getting more difficult by the month! Mexico is already better than Canada and still has a lot of potential and propserity ahead, while Canada's future is bleak at best. If you were "contemplating" getting a Mexican resiency I say act now before that window closes because big changes are on the horizon. Msg me at or 4164009994 and ill put you in you touch with the right people."

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