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Chris Sky: Gonna Be Like Lockdown! Your Future Life in Canada...

Sky's Comments: "Whats life REALLY going to be like in Canada in the coming years? You will live in the equivalent of a prison cell called "shoebox housing" or "microcondos" to make it sound nice. You will give up your car for a bike. You will do your grocery shopping, starbucks, gym and most likely work within your building. 6 months per year Canadians will be living similar to covid lock down. The average travel area will be LESS THAN 2/3 km radius. You wont meet people from "other areas" except on very special occasions. And you will be LUCKY to travel once every 5 years or so. And this isnt some "hypothetical possible future" this is a guarantee and for MANY PEOPLE already a reality.

your ENTIRE FAMILY will be living in a "micro condo" this is bigger than most, rent is almost 2000/month or 500k to buy!"

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