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Chris Sky's RED ALERT! Disturbing News He Hates to have to tell you...

"*RED ALERT* all my personal alarm bells are going off! What am I talking about? I truly believe they want to use H5N1 to first decimate the food supply. Starting with eliminating dairy, then eliminating beef, a record 50 million chickens were culled in the USA, a second person caught bird flu from working with cattle. It fits EVERY AGENDA. Under the guise of "climate change" they want to completely eliminate dairy and beef consumption and replace with "alternative milk" and FAKE BEEF. They also want to start a new PLANDEMIC and they know the only way the masses will comply is if you are terrified. HVN1 unlike covid which had over a 99% survival rate, the bird flu only has a 50% survival rate. More than enough to scare people back into submission. This is what Bill Gates was referring to when he said "the next pandemic will get their attention." This is going to their FINAL BIG CHANCE for complete control before the Kabal is finally taken out. God bless. Be aware." -Chris Sky

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