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Sky's Comments: "Sky's Comments: "The next PLANDEMIC is just around the corner. For this next "exercise" (in human stupidity) they will use BIRD FLU. First to decimate your food supply of chicken, milk and beef (exactly what the WEF wants to eliminate from your diet) secondly, they will cite a "new strain" of bird flu. And wouldnt ya know it. Right after Mexico submitted documents to REJECT THE ADOPTION of the WHO new International Health Regulations. The WHO claims a man in Mexico DIED a new "new strain of bird flu" which the Mexican health secretary flat out says is BULLSHIT! Meanwhile, in Canada they are opening the largest vaccine plant in the world and are already in talks to create the FIRST EVER human bird flu vaccine! "Just in case" so we already know they lied to kill you with the covid vaccine. Mexico is already telling you they are lying now.... yet how many people will still line up for the poison and then say the mantra "i had no choice"?"

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