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SCP268 - Trudeau's decriminalization of crack, heroin too "wacko" even for BC NDP

Trudeau refuses to reverse decriminalization of the hardest drugs in public places like trains, hospitals etc. Poilievre points out these policies are so "wacko" even the British Columbia NDP beg for him to reverse it. Alberta leftists scramble to rig elections by giving vote to non-citizens, suspiciously immediately after losing access to their corrupt electronic voting machines. AstraZenica forced in court to admit their jabs cause blood clots. Racist Scottish PM Humza Yousaf resigns after one full year of calling white people the problem in Scotland. President of El Salvador puts entire executive branch under investigation for bribery. Republicans pass "antisemitism" bill through house to strip freedom of speech and protest from the American public. Second whistleblower apparently assassinated by Boeing. Another BBC paedophile convicted of child porn. So much more news and political analysis!

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