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What Happens in Canada, Won't Stay in Canada! - The David Knight Show - May 9 2024

(2:00) Bloodlines of the TechnocracyBezos grandfather's DARPA connectionSpies, Venture Capital, and tech billionsDARPA's internet & social media was/is a trap, a psy-war(10:54) Trump's CIAWas Trump a victim of Gina Haspel?Were they out to get him?Who was running the CIA?Who was running the government?(21:42) DeSantis & FL go to war against lab meat — other states have legislation pending

(41:27) Boy Scouts remove toxically masculine "boys" from name"Trustworthy, honest, and brave" goes the way of "duty, honor, country"You won't believe the merit badge you MUST have in order to become an Eagle Scout nowRex Tillerson — the "Boy Scout" conservative media doesn't want to talk aboutInstead of tranny-games, what is China training its kids to do from elementary up?(53:47) Will history rise again in the south? Reclaiming our history, one school name at a time. Overwhelming opposition to the memory-holing and renaming that happened without public input

(57:28) FreedomWorks closes, a victim of Trump's triumph of personality over principle

(1:05:14) Retroactive Law, Pre-Crime Hate Speech, Bounties Paid to Anonymous Accusers What happens in Canada won't stay in Canada but will be used elsewhere by the globalist Details from Canada's new censorship law keep astounding — worse than any dystopian science fiction, seriously.

(1:33:27) INTERVIEW Golden Beans: China, a Nation of Bean-Counters Even though the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates high, gold continues strong on retail demand and Central Bank demand, especially in China (a "torrent"). What are our options in smaller quantity gold & silver which are useful in a medium of exchange as the rush to "cashless" societies and CBDC accelerates? Tony Arterburn,, joins

(2:14:05) Campus Agitators — More Antics. Will conservative destroy free speech to stop them?Protestors go full French Revolution Jacobins with mock trial & guillotine for the Robespierre-like administratorsGeorge Washington University flies the Palestinian, not American, flagWhen protestors refuse to move, painters paint right over them and their graffiti wall(2:26:56)Pfizer stock takes a hit when their genetic drug trial kills a boyHow Insurance Companies Bankrupt Doctors That Don't Vaccinate KidsJapanese study shows cancer rates soar after 3rd TrumpShotEven European countries with high uptake are now very skeptical of both government and "public health"(2:56:12) Vote to remove "Machiavellian Mike" Johnson as speaker fails and conservative media talks of the Uniparty, Pelosi's endorsement of him, and his rule with Democrats. But what did Trump do?

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